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What Makes Good Packaging “Good”?

Posted on July 23, 2010

This past week, Moxie had the opportunity to tune into the PaperSpecs Webinar sponsored by Neenah Paper.We love listening to people who are just as excited as we are regarding the little things in life that make us happy.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve purchased numerous products based solely on their packaging design. Just try walking past the Archer Farms products at Target and YOU tell me how hard it is to ignore that pretty packaging staring back at you!

The bottom line is that packaging as a visual is POWERFUL! (Buyer beware…you’ve been warned!)

Below is a TOP TEN list of what makes good packaging, GOOD!

1. Protection (How the package protects it’s contents)?Example: Does a “freshness” seal on your bag of chips, really seal in the freshness??

2. Organization (Keeps all the components together)?Example: The shiny iPhone is staring up at you from it’s luxurious box, begging you to pick it up. The cords and charger are neatly tucked away for your convenience. Every square inch of the box serves a purpose.

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10


3. Theft Deterrence
Example: The tiniest valuable products may have to be clam shell packaged. This type of packaging is an injury waiting to happen. It takes virtually 15 hours to open it. But at least I can purchase a 32 GB USB drive, knowing that the product is securely inside the packaging.

4. Display
Example: Packaging that displays a pattern that continued when showing multiple products next to each other.


Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

5. Branding
Example: The classic red color, the white script font, the shape of the bottle…what brand is it? If you guessed Coke, you’re right! Coca Cola is a perfect example of how a brand’s identity represents character–while at the same time has become a staple of American society.

6. Marketing
Example: Marketing your brand is all about storytelling. Stories are memorable, making your business or brand memorable. It’s a way to relate to the consumer.

7. Prestige
Example: Ladies, we know your hearts melt at the sight of this little blue box. Enough said.


Image from

Image from

8. Shelf Presentation
Example: If you walk down an isle and see a “sea of blue” packaging, I bet you’ll want to stop to see what it is. Wow, I used a lot of “sea/see” words…enough to get me confused!


Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10


9. Experience
Example: How does your package “feel” when you hold it in your hands? Since packaging is 3-dimensional you have an opportunity to influence the senses.

10. Authenticity
Example: The way packaging shows the true essence of the brand. There is nothing distracting about the packaging that deters the focus of the brand.

Well, there you have it in a nutshell! If you’re concerned that YOUR product or brand may be failing in any of the areas listed above, feel free to contact us, and we can help bring your packaging and identity to the next level.

? Post written by Ashley Holl
(Post inspired by the PaperSpecs Webinar sponsored by Neenah Paper on 7.22.10)