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Fa-La-La-La Merry Moxie Food Drive

Posted on December 18, 2012

Tis the season of caring, sharing and Fa-La-La-ing!!!

During this holiday season, Moxie wanted a way to share the joy of the Christmas with those who needed it most. Moxie coordinated the first annual Fa-La-La-La Merry Moxie Food Drive and asked local businesses in the Wausau area to collect food from within their company during the week of December 10th through December 14th.

During the week of December  17th through December 19th, Moxie will be collecting all donations and delivering them to the Salvation Army and Neighbor’s Place in Wausau. We will also be holding an OPEN HOUSE at MOXIE on December 20th from 9am – 3pm for anyone who would still like to drop off donations.

We are thankful for all of this year’s participants and look forward to adding even more participants next year!

It’s such a joyful time of year and a time to be thankful for all of our blessings. Moxie wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Moxie Creative Studio Food Drive Participants

Becker Communications
Bob Holl Entertainment 
Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Cheer Alliance Elite 
Driven Technologies 
Verve Salon | Spa
Heather Kessler Photography 
Junion Photography 
Marathon Electric Employees Credit Union 
Rucinski and Reetz 
Spectra Print 
Stine Eye Center
Sweet Lola’s Cupcakery & Bakeshop
The Jeanie Marie Fund

Announcing: Moxie’s New Website!

Posted on April 30, 2012

Smiley  Post written by Robin Patrick.

Well we finally did it! And I do mean finally!

As the saying goes ? the shoemaker?s kids have no shoes?, so it has gone for us as well. We at Moxie have been so busy helping and serving other wonderful customers with their creative needs that our very own creative needs have had to be shelved for a while.

But now after a very long drawn out process of starting it, then putting it aside?working on it as time allowed and then shelving it once again (deep breath)?and then once again picking up where we had left off? we are very proud to say our website finally ?has a new pair of shiny shoes?!!! And we cannot wait to go out on the town and show them off!

In designing this website we thought long and hard on what we could do (and trust me the options and ideas we went thru were many). There are so many sides and styles that could have reflected who we are at Moxie. We could have created a super clean and minimalistic artistic site (which would have worked very, very well but are also like what so many advertising and design agencies are now doing) or continued with the simple retro website we had and just improved on it, or we could have splashed bright amazing colors on the screen (to express how much love for life and creativity we have here at Moxie). All of which would have reflected different sides of us here.

But in the end, we had to ask what REALLY makes us different from the other agencies out there? And for that we turned to our customers. In the end what made us different is our uniqueness and ability to push the boundaries of creativity (but only when the project allows and demands for it). So our goal became clear. And we went for it. We decided to create a website that showcased that specific unique creativity we have here at Moxie as well as one that wasn?t like anyone else?s in the industry. Because who wants to wear the same shoes to the ball? Not us anyway.

I admit, when we decided to go the route we did with our web site, we were also taking a chance. In the web world many now shy away from flash in their websites and are going strictly simplistic and functional, which we agree work very well for businesses if that portrays the company?s brand and accomplishes the marketing goals for that company. However as a creative company, our goal was ultimately to express the level of creativity that encompasses who we are, not what everyone else is doing. So with that, we decided once again to swim upstream and create a website that incorporates flash in a very fun intro page (should you have some time to play), while being SEO friendly, functional and communicative. Whew! And that is what we have done.

So at long last we present to you Moxie?s new website. A web site that finally reflects who we are! A web site that is a combination of our unique creativity, while being functional and giving you information about who we are and what we can do for you and your company.

As you review our site, please know that much of our success is in the details, so we have tried to incorporate as many throughout our site as possible. Please make sure to look around. This is a site where you will continue to discover new and exciting surprises about us and our website at every turn and throughout the year?so make sure to stop in again and again and again!

So with no further adieu?go ahead and try on our new ?pair of shoes?! And let us know what you think of our new Moxie Creative Studio website. Did we achieve our goal?  What do you think of our new website? We?d love to hear from you!!!

What Makes Good Packaging “Good”?

Posted on July 23, 2010

This past week, Moxie had the opportunity to tune into the PaperSpecs Webinar sponsored by Neenah Paper.We love listening to people who are just as excited as we are regarding the little things in life that make us happy.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve purchased numerous products based solely on their packaging design. Just try walking past the Archer Farms products at Target and YOU tell me how hard it is to ignore that pretty packaging staring back at you!

The bottom line is that packaging as a visual is POWERFUL! (Buyer beware…you’ve been warned!)

Below is a TOP TEN list of what makes good packaging, GOOD!

1. Protection (How the package protects it’s contents)?Example: Does a “freshness” seal on your bag of chips, really seal in the freshness??

2. Organization (Keeps all the components together)?Example: The shiny iPhone is staring up at you from it’s luxurious box, begging you to pick it up. The cords and charger are neatly tucked away for your convenience. Every square inch of the box serves a purpose.

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10


3. Theft Deterrence
Example: The tiniest valuable products may have to be clam shell packaged. This type of packaging is an injury waiting to happen. It takes virtually 15 hours to open it. But at least I can purchase a 32 GB USB drive, knowing that the product is securely inside the packaging.

4. Display
Example: Packaging that displays a pattern that continued when showing multiple products next to each other.


Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

5. Branding
Example: The classic red color, the white script font, the shape of the bottle…what brand is it? If you guessed Coke, you’re right! Coca Cola is a perfect example of how a brand’s identity represents character–while at the same time has become a staple of American society.

6. Marketing
Example: Marketing your brand is all about storytelling. Stories are memorable, making your business or brand memorable. It’s a way to relate to the consumer.

7. Prestige
Example: Ladies, we know your hearts melt at the sight of this little blue box. Enough said.


Image from

Image from

8. Shelf Presentation
Example: If you walk down an isle and see a “sea of blue” packaging, I bet you’ll want to stop to see what it is. Wow, I used a lot of “sea/see” words…enough to get me confused!


Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10

Image taken from Paper Specs presentation on 7.23.10


9. Experience
Example: How does your package “feel” when you hold it in your hands? Since packaging is 3-dimensional you have an opportunity to influence the senses.

10. Authenticity
Example: The way packaging shows the true essence of the brand. There is nothing distracting about the packaging that deters the focus of the brand.

Well, there you have it in a nutshell! If you’re concerned that YOUR product or brand may be failing in any of the areas listed above, feel free to contact us, and we can help bring your packaging and identity to the next level.

? Post written by Ashley Holl
(Post inspired by the PaperSpecs Webinar sponsored by Neenah Paper on 7.22.10)