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It’s just “STUFF”

Posted on July 28, 2009

?I can?t take it with me when I go.? This is what my mother would tell me whenever I?d ask to have something of hers. It is one of the many bits of sage wisdom she would bestow upon me. It?s a little morbid, now that I think about it. But it?s true.

Most material things, even those with great sentimental value, is just ?stuff.? I learned that lesson, once again, with my puppy last night. In two hours, he ate half the contents of my storage shelf: several notebooks, a case of pencils, pens and markers, a CD and case, a pack of note cards, sunglasses, part of an iPod case, and a sketchbook. Not to mention part of the shelf itself and the cord for the track lighting. I was actually more upset about cleaning up the mess and whether or not he had consumed any sharp bits than I was about the destruction itself. That was just stuff. My puppy is more important.


Photo by Kym Parry.

Photo by Kym Parry.


The same goes for design. Some can be wonderful and beautiful and helpful and sometimes even change the world. But most designs will be discarded shortly after it?s created. All those hours we spend creating it and agonizing over it, allowing it to take over our thoughts ? just to move on to a new project next week. The design we create is important, especially to our clients, but it isn?t everything. Don?t let what you do for a living be the only thing that defines you. Find time to get away, enjoy life, and spend time with loved ones. Everything else is just ?stuff.?

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? Post written by Cristy Wiza.

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