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Who Knew? Unique Ways to Find Inspiration

Posted on August 5, 2009

Yes, yes, we know, the Moxie Mash has been silent for a week. What can I say, we?ve been busy little bees! We?re working away with customers new and old, coming up with some fantastic design solutions for literature, logos, web sites, and on and on.

I wanted to take a quick moment out of my day, before the phone starts ringing and emails start buzzing, to share some of the unique and fun places I?ve found inspiration during these last few weeks. Enjoy!


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Children?s Books: OMG, kids books are an amazing source of inspiration! The illustrations, the colors, the detailed or simplistic style. Or if you just need a pick-me up, kid stories will always leave you with a smile (even if you?ve read it a million time in a row to a silly 16 month old)


Children?s Clothes: Have you seen some of the adorable clothing choices for little boys and girls (well, lets face, mostly little girls, cool boy clothes are seriously lacking)? I?m not talking about your typical Bob the Builder or Dora the Explorer characters. I?m talking about the unique patterns, animal illustrations and overall wonderfulness of kids clothes that can be found at boutiques.


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Cards: I?m not afraid to admit, I?ve spent hours browsing through Target?s birthday cards, thank you notes or baby show invitations, just because I couldn?t stop looking at them. So many colors, so many styles, so many ideas, they are an endless source of creativity.

If you are looking for a team that finds inspiration in every day life, we are the team for you! Visit our web site to find what we do, and how WE CAN HELP YOU.