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Staying Motivated – Even On The Off Days

Posted on July 15, 2009

Every so often I find myself dreading the office. Not because I dislike my job, or the people I work with (actually the people are the reason I come in on days like this). Maybe it’s the sunny, cloud-free day begging me to come outside. Maybe it?s the fam pulling me in a different direction. Maybe it?s the ice cream truck down the street calling my name (mmmm, ice cream sandwiches). But whatever it is, I just don?t have the motivation I normally have. What to do, what to do? Give up and call in sick? I don?t think so, that?s not the Moxie way! Instead, I power through it and before too long, I find my motivation returning at full force.

My Top 5 Ways to Stay (or Get) Motivated

  1. Make a List. Write down all of the projects you are currently working on, all of the projects that are ready to begin and all of the projects that need to be revised/updated. You might just realize that you have more to do than you thought. Sometimes just seeing the amount of work you have is enough to kick your butt into gear.
  2. Give Yourself Projects. Did you make that list and it came up short? No worries, give yourself a creative project. What would you design if you had no limits, budget constraints, or time line restrictions? This is a great time to free your creative mind. And if you?re really lucky, you can use this project for a future customer.
  3. Focus. Focus. Focus. Get rid of all distractions, be that co-workers, office pets, email, or the fridge (who doesn?t snack to avoid doing work after all?). If your only choice is to work or stare at the wall, you?ll soon find the motivation to get moving again (as soon as the boredom of wall staring gets to you).
  4. Remember, You?re Still Getting Paid. It?s a tough world right now and even if work is slow remember that you still have a job. Be thankful for that and focus on ways to make yourself a valuable part of the company.
  5. Learn Something New. One of the biggest motivators around is simply learning something new. Pick up a new skill, dive into a new program or learn about this thing they call Twitter. And along the way, you?ll add more value and skill for yourself and your company.

When all else fails do something other than the task-at-hand. Browse through the newest HOW buried on your desk. Take a quick walk through the office and try to un-motivate everyone else (or maybe their motivation will rub off on you). Go outside for a quick sprint around the block. Anything to get you out of the office and out of your head.

Are you looking for a creative team that is motivated to work with YOU (even those days when the the sun shining and the birds are singing)? Visit our main site to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you.

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