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Moxie Portfolio

Our portfolio is a true reflection of who we are. Whether it be a unique brochure or a creatively engaging website, at Moxie Creative Studio we put our heart and soul into every project.

At Moxie, we take inspiration to a whole new level.


Great print collateral support supports sales efforts, engages prospects and elicits action. From captivating brochures to comprehensive marketing campaigns to packaging, we love to sharpen our creative claws on a good piece of design that not only communicates well, but is a catalyst for sales!


At Moxie, we combine great design and the technical programming expertise and marketing savvy of experienced strategic partners to create websites that visually engage, clearly communicate, are easy to navigate and most importantly, provoke a response. At Moxie we love to design. We love to see our customers get results!!! Plus the limits are almost endless on the web. If you can dream it we?ll do whatever we can to build it. So go ahead challenge us! There is nothing like watching a never-ending page of code come to life on the web!


Your logo is the most important visual for your company. It is the cornerstone for your marketing. Your first impression and identifying mark for all the world to see! At Moxie, we are passionate about creating logos that effectively reflect your organization and brand. Logos that get respect and send a clear message that you mean business! And once you have your logo developed, we can then help you build your identity and brand to create a perception that will get results.