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My Top 5 Colors

Posted on September 3, 2009


Photo by MikeJonesPhoto

Photo by Mike Jones Photo


A color is just a color, is just a color. Or is it? I love color, but of course I have some favorites. Here are my top 5 fav colors and the reasons I love them so much.

  1. Purple – any and all shades: This probably comes as no surprise, I LOVE purple. It is the color of royalty. It represents richness and reflects a restless state of mind. And in lighter tones, it stands for romance (I bet you didn’t know that I’m a romantic person at heart). And of course it can help boost a child?s imagination or an artist?s creativity.
  2. Steel Blue: Sometimes it?s better to fly in under the radar, and that’s what I love about steel blue. It?s subtle, refined but not at all boring. It?s the epitome of understated elegance.
  3. Bright Green: Fresh, bright and inspiring, a bright and lively green always makes me think of spring. Of a fresh start. Of renewed life. What?s not inspiring about that?
  4. Orange: No, not the bright, glaring orange of traffic cones, but the warm, rich orange of fall leaves (which, by the way, I spotted on some trees last week). It represents change, progress and energy.
  5. White: Calming, soothing, openness. After a long day, a stressful week or a busy summer, you just need a little bit of nothingness to help calm your mind.

What are your favorite colors?

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