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Four-Legged Office Friends

Posted on July 9, 2009

This is a post about the furry creatures known as pets, and not that human co-worker who likes to walk around on all fours and drink from the toilet (I?m not naming any names). I am lucky enough to work in an office where animals are not only NOT forbidden, but are actually welcomed. We?re even encouraged to bring in our own furry family members on occasion! You?re probably wondering what this has to do with design, so pay attention because eventually I?ll make my point.

First off, we have the office feline named Apache. He is the kindest thing to ever force himself into your arms. He does it in a nice way, but he needs attention when he needs it and doesn?t take ?no? or ?stop that? or ?get off me? for an answer. Apache has his claws but rarely uses them (which is more I can say for some people). He can often be found squeaking at nature by the window or taking a cat-nap on my desk (the place he was exiled to since licking himself one too many times in front of one that shall remain nameless).


The second addition to the Moxie team is Buster, the most docile chocolate lab I?ve ever met. He likes to greet me each morning by giving me a hug (yes, I hoist all 70lbs of him onto my lap for our snuggle) and then digging through my garbage. Buster can often be found lying in the middle of the place where everyone walks. No, not off in his bed or sneakily on the couch. He prefers to lie, often on his back (create your own visual) in the highest traffic area of the office. His greatest energy-exhausting moves of the day happen when there?s a knock on the door. The office goes from pin-drop silence to ?RAWWW!! RAW RAW RAW!!!? where we all then proceed to pull our hearts from our throats. Otherwise, you?d barely know Buster was here.


Now why, you might ask, would it matter at all to have furry friends in the work place? Well, some people may not like animals or may have an allergy, so the office pet wouldn?t work out for them. Thank goodness no one in this office falls into either of these categories. Since welcoming both Apache and Buster, office moral has improved (but mostly, I think it might just be for me). It gives a reason to take a moment or three from a stressful project or design block to love on the closest furry creature, bringing a pure joy that only pets can provide. It also allows an outlet for those of us who are crazy hugging fiends (and by ?us? I do NOT mean me). So what if Apache has death-breath from his snaggle tooth and Buster ?supposedly? has bouts of stinky gas. They?re like family to me. (Oh, did I mention the breath doesn?t bother me and I?ve never smelled the gas? That could have something to do with it.)

At Moxie, we like to think of many of our customers as friends, some even like family. We not only want to create great work for them, but also want to know how they are doing and support the work they do. It is important to build a strong relationship with people so they know you have their back, and they have your?s, especially in times likes these. We?ve welcomed two very special animals and countless clients into our lives? and there is always room for one more?YOU!

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? Post written by Cristy Wiza.

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