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Fireworks – Imagine the Creativity!

Posted on July 4, 2009

As you sit back and enjoy the stunning fireworks this weekend, the brilliant reds, yellows and blues, the heart-stopping pops and bangs, the ear-piercing squeals, take a second and imagine trying to design the next big firework. The sky is your canvas, the colors of the universe are your only limitations. What would you design? Would it be a pretty star bust in purples, greens and yellow? Maybe something in a fun shape like a shoe (or a sassy pair of sandals)? A phrase written across the sky (perhaps ?Moxie Was Here?)? If you had no limitations, what could you come up with?

I encourage you to take that feeling of unlimited possibilities and apply it to your everyday life. Instead of looking for reasons why you can?t do something, why you are restricted, pretend that you can do ANYTHING you want, and see where it takes you. I?m guessing that it will open more doors and create more ideas than you could have imagined.

Happy imagining and happy 4th of July.

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