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Don’t Forget About Your Target Market!

Posted on June 2, 2009

What?s the #1 most important thing to consider when you create a new marketing piece? You might think it is your product or service. Perhaps you would say it?s your boss (who doesn?t want to make their boss happy?). Think again. The most important thing to consider is your target market. They are, after all, the driving force behind the success of your brand.

Who Are They?
First and foremost, who are you trying to reach? If you are selling a new line of athletic shoes, you are probably going to target serious athletes, not serious couch potatoes. Make sure you know who needs your product, their age, their gender, marital status, income range, favorite color. Everything that makes them, who they are. Now, zero in on those people and find ways to target the.

How Do They Communicate?
Does your target market Twitter from dawn to mid-night? Or do they prefer the lost art of hand written letters? Knowing how your market communicates, what they read and what music they listen to not only tells you how to find them, but it also shows you how to effectively reach them.

What Do They Need?
How can your product or service improve the life of your target market? Will your product easy the worries of a new mother? Or help a business owner organize and prioritize? Whatever you are selling, make sure that your main focus is on the benefit to the customer.

How Can You Relate?
One of the best ways to connect with your target market is to relate to them on a personal level. It is the foundation to building trust and a life-long relationship. Go ahead, make it personal.

Design To Fit THEIR Needs.
Now that you have figured out who your target audience is make sure that ALL of your marketing materials communicate directly to your audience. Just because your favorite color is magenta, doesn?t mean that your target market will appreciate its vivacity. Make sure that you keep in mind who you are targeting and why, and everything will fall into place.

We hope this makes your life a little easier. If you have any questions or need help creating a marketing piece for your target market please contact us! At Moxie, we are here to serve our customers, to help YOU SUCCEED! | 715.359.7141 | [email protected]

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