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Designer’s Block

Posted on July 8, 2009

There I was, minding my own business, working on a brochure for a new, fresh and exciting customer, having a blast because honestly, the work I was doing was brilliant. I?ll say it again, BRILLIANT. I?m in the zone, nothing can stop me from reaching creative stardom.

Then it happens, so slowly that I don?t even notice. I start to get a little restless. Have trouble keeping my mind on the task at hand (brilliance). Then suddenly I can feel it leave my body, the inspiration draining out leaving in its place?a big fat NOTHING.

Ugg, designer?s block. Now what? I could sit here, staring at my screen, waiting, hoping, praying-to-the-powers-that-be that my muse comes back. I could stomp my feet, cry and pout (much like my 15 month old son). I could keep working and working and working, knowing in my heart that I?m only going to cause myself more stress and anguish. Or I could sit back, and wait.

I?ll choose to wait, thank you very much.

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Over my many, many years of experience (OK, not that many, I?m only 25 after all ;-)) I?ve learned that creativity is a fickle monster. You either have it or you don?t. You can?t force it to come, in fact sometimes it?s going to look the other way and RUN, run like the wind! But I?ve also learned that if you are patient, it WILL come back. Just like the Pokey Little Puppy always makes his way home in time for dinner. So instead of stressing, banging my heading against the wall, hollering with my fists shaking towards the heavens and otherwise tormenting my co-workers, I wait. Perhaps taking the time to catch up on my favorite design blogs, or browsing through some inspiring web site galleries, design annuals or listening to that song that always gets me hopping and shaking, hoping that I can coax it back quickly. And so far, I have not been let down.

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