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Designer’s Block

Posted on July 8, 2009

There I was, minding my own business, working on a brochure for a new, fresh and exciting customer, having a blast because honestly, the work I was doing was brilliant. I?ll say it again, BRILLIANT. I?m in the zone, nothing can stop me from reaching creative stardom.

Then it happens, so slowly that I don?t even notice. I start to get a little restless. Have trouble keeping my mind on the task at hand (brilliance). Then suddenly I can feel it leave my body, the inspiration draining out leaving in its place?a big fat NOTHING.

Ugg, designer?s block. Now what? I could sit here, staring at my screen, waiting, hoping, praying-to-the-powers-that-be that my muse comes back. I could stomp my feet, cry and pout (much like my 15 month old son). I could keep working and working and working, knowing in my heart that I?m only going to cause myself more stress and anguish. Or I could sit back, and wait.

I?ll choose to wait, thank you very much.

Image from
Image from

Over my many, many years of experience (OK, not that many, I?m only 25 after all ;-)) I?ve learned that creativity is a fickle monster. You either have it or you don?t. You can?t force it to come, in fact sometimes it?s going to look the other way and RUN, run like the wind! But I?ve also learned that if you are patient, it WILL come back. Just like the Pokey Little Puppy always makes his way home in time for dinner. So instead of stressing, banging my heading against the wall, hollering with my fists shaking towards the heavens and otherwise tormenting my co-workers, I wait. Perhaps taking the time to catch up on my favorite design blogs, or browsing through some inspiring web site galleries, design annuals or listening to that song that always gets me hopping and shaking, hoping that I can coax it back quickly. And so far, I have not been let down.

If you are looking for a team that has the creativity to tackle the task at hand (designer blocks and all) we?re the team for you. Visit our main site to find what we do, and how we can do it for you.

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Designing Logos: Less Really is More

Posted on June 30, 2009

I can?t say that I always agree that less is more. I mean, less chocolate definitely does not equal more, who in their right mind only wants a little bit of chocolate? Less coffee does NOT help you get moving and shaking (in fact, it can give you one major  headache, which I do not need more of). But I do have to say that less is ALWAYS more when it comes to creating logos.

You?re probably wondering how I can make a statement like that about logos, let alone anything in life. You might be asking, doesn?t it depend on the subject matter? Doesn?t it depend on the target market? Doesn’t it matter what the latest trends are? And my reply is a resounding NO (no, no no?).

Designing logos is a labor of love and often one of the most difficult,most inspiring projects that we do. And I’m not ashamed to say, it sometimes results in a few hours of banging-my-head-against-the-desk-in-frustration. Logos are personal, reflecting both the company/product and the person (or people) behind the company/product. Often times, customers want to cram everything that they can into the logo, believing that the more they include, the stronger the logo will be. Boy, are they wrong.

It might be hard to imagine why exactly that is. Let?s pretend for a minute that we?re making a pizza (mmmm, pizza). WAIT! Before you run out to order a pizza, hear me out. I LOVE veggie pizza. Black olive, tomatoes, green peppers, onions (but never, ever mushrooms). But I also love ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, pretzels, french fries, blue corn tortilla chips, and coffee, just to name a few. Now, just because I love all of these foods, and all of them are important to me, doesn?t necessarily mean that will should be combined into one sticky, melty, cheesy, crunchy, drippy, sweet mess. In fact, I think it would be rather disgusting (although I do know one or two people who would be willing to at least try it). The same concept goes for logos. Just because you like a design style, or two, or three, doesn?t mean that they should all be combined into your logo. And just because your product provides many fantastic services, it doesn?t mean that your logo should include a piece of each service in it. Just like pizza, simple is better.

©Apple, ©Nike, ©Starbucks, ©Target

©Apple, ©Nike, ©Starbucks, ©Target


Think of some of the most successful, most recognizable logos out there. Apple, Nike, Starbucks and Target are just a few of the most obvious and most well know companies and logos. And why is that? Because they have simple, easy-to-recognize and easy-to- remember logos (oh yeah, having great products doesn?t hurt either).

So when you need a new logo, or possibly a logo redesign, keep this in mind: Less is more. Simple is the key.Simple makes your logo easy to remember. Simple makes your brand easy to recognize. After all, isn?t that what you want for your brand?

If you are in the market for a new logo, or if you have any other print or web design need, visit our web site to find out more about what we can do for you.

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How to Talk to Those Wacky Graphic Designers

Posted on June 17, 2009

We may be a little wacky at times, but don?t let that scare you. Deep down, we?re just like everyone else, and we just want someone to talk to. Here are a few times on how to communicate with a graphic designer to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Be Specific.
When starting a new project with a graphic designer, provide as much information as possible. In fact, give too much information. Include the product/service, what makes it unique, the target audience (and specific info about the audience if it is available) and any other information that you think will be useful. As designers, the most information we have, the more effective we are.

Provide Examples.
If you have something in mind, if there?s a specific style that you like, or if you have some favorite design examples, send them our way! If you don?t have anything in mind, be open to the designer?s ideas and suggestions. Or take some time to search out some styles that you like and think relate to your product/service.

Give Feedback.
If a color isn?t speaking to you, or if a photo isn?t telling your story like you think it should, make sure that you speak up. We love to hear what our customers think, and enjoy working with them to finalize their project. Both positive and negative feedback is needed to make sure that you are happy with the final product.

Be Honest.
We?re strong, we can take criticism. If you?re not happy with the design direction, be honest! We?ve built up a tough skin over the years, and we won?t take it personally. We?ll just try, try again, until you are happy. Kind of like the little engine that could, we will make sure you are happy with the final product.

Give Us Time!
In a perfect world, there would always be enough time for each project. But, in a graphic designer?s world, that rarely happens. While we sometimes thrive on short deadlines, for projects that need a little more thought or a little extra TLC, make sure you allow your graphic designers enough time to devote to your project. In the end, you will be happy that you did.

Be Accessible.
As we begin a new project we often have questions, need clarification or just need to talk about your project to get the creative juices flowing. Not being able to reach a customer can be a big frustration and the design process can slow down or stop all together. Help us help you! Responding quickly to voice mail and email helps keep projects moving along, and keeps everyone?s sanity in check.

You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar.
Sometimes just a simple ?thank you? lets us know that you value our talent, our time and the project that we?ve completed for you. A small sign of appreciation makes us happy to go the extra-EXTRA mile for our customers! The next time you have a rush project, don?t forget the ?pat-on-the-back? (or perhaps a box of chocolate) to the designer who helped you in your time of need. It makes all of the difference in the world.

We hope this makes your life a little easier. If you have any questions or need help creating a marketing piece for your company, please contact us! At Moxie, we are here to serve our customers, to help YOU SUCCEED! | 715.359.7141 | [email protected]