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My Top 5 Colors

Posted on September 3, 2009


Photo by MikeJonesPhoto

Photo by Mike Jones Photo


A color is just a color, is just a color. Or is it? I love color, but of course I have some favorites. Here are my top 5 fav colors and the reasons I love them so much.

  1. Purple – any and all shades: This probably comes as no surprise, I LOVE purple. It is the color of royalty. It represents richness and reflects a restless state of mind. And in lighter tones, it stands for romance (I bet you didn’t know that I’m a romantic person at heart). And of course it can help boost a child?s imagination or an artist?s creativity.
  2. Steel Blue: Sometimes it?s better to fly in under the radar, and that’s what I love about steel blue. It?s subtle, refined but not at all boring. It?s the epitome of understated elegance.
  3. Bright Green: Fresh, bright and inspiring, a bright and lively green always makes me think of spring. Of a fresh start. Of renewed life. What?s not inspiring about that?
  4. Orange: No, not the bright, glaring orange of traffic cones, but the warm, rich orange of fall leaves (which, by the way, I spotted on some trees last week). It represents change, progress and energy.
  5. White: Calming, soothing, openness. After a long day, a stressful week or a busy summer, you just need a little bit of nothingness to help calm your mind.

What are your favorite colors?

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Nonprofit Design (a.k.a. Designing with your Heart) – HOPE Pregnancy Center

Posted on August 27, 2009

Everyone here at Moxie has a passion for design. For taking an idea and making it reality. For seeing a customer succeed, products take flight, businesses get noticed. But we also have a passion for helping others in need. With our creative skills, we?ve had the opportunity to help many local, national and international organizations.

HOPE Pregnancy Resource Center Web Site

HOPE Pregnancy Resource Center Web Site

One of our favorite local organizations is HOPE Pregnancy Center. We?ve had the honor of working with them over the last 4 years. We?ve helped tweak their logo and design (and redesign) brochures. We?ve created beautiful invitations to yearly banquets and outdoor retreats. But today, I?d like to introduce you to their web site.

Originally the site was designed back in 2006, but as the site grew and content became key, we saw a need to revamp it again in 2008. The target audience remained the same, women with crisis pregnancies in their late teens to early 30?s, but we didn?t want the design to be too feminine. HOPE?s web site is also a great source of information and support for families and fathers. The design had to be soft and welcoming, yet inviting to men as well. Not an easy task!
And so, the new HOPE web site was born. And it?s been a huge success. Information is at your finger tips, you can quickly contact them (and they will contact you back!) and they even have a Facebook group. So check them out, contact them if you or someone you know in the Central WI area needs assistance. And if you are able, they always have a need for donations.

HOPE Pregnancy Resource Center - Donate Page

HOPE Pregnancy Resource Center - Donate Page

Here are Moxie, we design to help others, to help you and to help fill our hearts with happiness. If you or someone you know is looking for a creative team that cares, please contact us! At Moxie, we are here to serve our customers, to help YOU SUCCEED!

The Art of D-O-I-N-G

Posted on July 21, 2009

?I can?t draw to save my life.?

?I don?t know how to program a website.?

?My email just isn?t working.?

These statements annoy me. Even though I can often be found saying things like this, they still annoy me. Why? Because even though they may be true (maybe you aren?t a very good artist at this moment) they somehow imply the person is INCAPABLE of improving or finding the answer. This. Is. NOT. True.

Every person is born into this world not knowing how to do anything, but as humans, we have an amazing capacity for knowledge and learning. ?Can?t draw? actually means you don?t know how to draw YET, but if you took a class or practiced a little, your meager skills would inevitably improve. Yes, there will always be the savants who seemingly know how to play piano at age 3 without any formal training. Good for them. However, for the average person, practice makes improvement.

Want to learn how to draw? Take a class, buy a book, even borrow a book from the library and start from the beginning. Learning to draw (or dance or program or sing or play guitar or cook or run a half-marathon or ANYTHING) is a process. At the beginning, you don?t know much if anything, but after a while of doing, you learn. That first step is always the hardest, but you?ll never improve unless you take that step.

If, however, you don?t want to improve, you probably won?t. I thought I wanted to run, but didn?t like it so I stopped. No improvement. A friend didn?t stop running and she?s entering her first half-marathon next month. Go Ashley!

At Moxie, it is a competition to find the answer to any question asked in the office. Seriously, we have almost a compulsive need to learn. If you present us with a problem, we will stretch ourselves to the limit to find the answer, the BEST answer, for YOU!


? Post written by Cristy Wiza.

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