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Bored? Nope, not me.

Posted on September 8, 2009

When I was a kid oh so many years ago, I would sometimes complain to my parents that I was bored. This would usually be followed by my mom giving me something to do, usually a chore like vacuuming or cleaning toilets ? EWWW! Needless to say, I didn?t say this very often.

Photo by Marinela.
Photo by Marinela.

As I got older, I learned how to fill unscheduled time. I realized that boredom is in the eyes of the beholder. Is it that I actually have NOTHING to do? (Ok, we all know that?s not possible when you own a home.) Or is it that I have a list of things to do, but none of them are APPEALING? (This is more likely the case.) So I?ve learned to have a secondary list, things-to-do-when-I-don?t-want-to-do-any-of-the-things-I-should-be-doing list.

Things on this list are usually things that don?t have to take a lot of time and can be squeezed in when I need a break. Reading is always a good filler, so I always have a good book I?m reading (often 2-3 books, I?m a person who likes options). And taking my dog for an extra walk is a good head-clearer for both of us. My latest uber-interest is cooking and finding new vegan recipes to try. This weekend I made tofu scramble (delicious!), peanut butter pancakes (turned out perfect and yummy!) and vegan ice cream ? all successes! (this, however, is not always the case with my cooking?)

These same principles apply for my work day. Most days I have enough work to keep me more than busy, but sometimes I just need a short mental break. Writing these blog entries has been a great one to fill a little time. I also like to look up new programming techniques that can be used in the future. And it never hurts to back up emails and organize projects to keep my computer in a reasonably understandable system.

So no, I almost never say I?m bored anymore. Most days, I wish there were more hours in the day to fill with all the things I want to try. If you are saying you?re bored, ask yourself this: Is it really that you NOTHING to do or more likely is it that you have nothing that you are INTERESTED in doing? If so? find something interesting! Now, if you don?t mind, I?d like to get back to my Garbanzo Tacos (yes, another NEW things I tried).


? Post written by Cristy Wiza.

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