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Moxie Sketch Up!

Posted on June 5, 2012

This was a little ditty created for a local animal shelter. The caricature was drawn from a photo provided by the shelter, and we put our spin on it while staying true to the original German Shepherd.

Projects like these keep our drawing skills sharp and, let?s be honest, are just plain FUN!


? Post written by Cristy Wiza.

Make it a Habit: Adapt

Posted on May 21, 2012

The key to success is often the ability to adapt

It seems obvious, doesn?t it? Animals adapt all the time to survive, evolving for changes in climate or environment. If you can adapt to change, you are more likely to have longevity in any area of your life?including as a graphic designer. Especially considering how quickly things can change and are changing in the design field, you will be left behind if you don?t adapt. Clients changing their minds?if you don?t adapt, you could lose them as clients. Even adapting to new software (anyone remember Quark?) can make a difference in whether your business is a success or not. Though there are many factors for success, being able to adapt plays a huge part.

Adapting and communication go hand in hand

Communication is one area where adapting will make everyone?s life a lot easier. For example, clients who rarely check email can be difficult to correspond with at times, especially if you?re used to doing most communication through email. If that is the case, then you will need to make a change (ie. adapt) to keep this client happy. A good compromise is to send your questions, files and correspondence through email, and then give them a quick call to let them know you sent the email. This way, they will have both all the information you want to convey via email, as well as the phone call to let them know you sent it. This will also give you an opportunity to touch base with your client and discuss the project.

Adapt: to make fit (as for a specific or new use or situation) often by modification

Sometimes as designers we become?for lack of a better word?stuck. We get ?stuck? in our ways. We get ?stuck? using the old programs because they are familiar, not because they are the best or even the easiest to use. We even get ?stuck? in relationships with clients. We know their style backwards and forwards and all the ways that style can be applied to banners and sell sheets and websites. But after a while, it?s always good to give these materials a fresh look and see if there are any ways to improve the design. Keeping things fresh and adapting the design to the times is what keeps people interested. You could even see if there are any new programs out there that would help you better serve your client. Most clients appreciate their designers being proactive.

Once you get in the habit of adapting (and it is a habit), it?s much easier to go with the flow. It?s easier to take any challenge that comes your way and turn it into an opportunity. And every opportunity can be turned into something spectacular (even if it?s spectacular only to you).

? Post written by Cristy Wiza.

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Announcing: Moxie’s New Website!

Posted on April 30, 2012

Smiley  Post written by Robin Patrick.

Well we finally did it! And I do mean finally!

As the saying goes ? the shoemaker?s kids have no shoes?, so it has gone for us as well. We at Moxie have been so busy helping and serving other wonderful customers with their creative needs that our very own creative needs have had to be shelved for a while.

But now after a very long drawn out process of starting it, then putting it aside?working on it as time allowed and then shelving it once again (deep breath)?and then once again picking up where we had left off? we are very proud to say our website finally ?has a new pair of shiny shoes?!!! And we cannot wait to go out on the town and show them off!

In designing this website we thought long and hard on what we could do (and trust me the options and ideas we went thru were many). There are so many sides and styles that could have reflected who we are at Moxie. We could have created a super clean and minimalistic artistic site (which would have worked very, very well but are also like what so many advertising and design agencies are now doing) or continued with the simple retro website we had and just improved on it, or we could have splashed bright amazing colors on the screen (to express how much love for life and creativity we have here at Moxie). All of which would have reflected different sides of us here.

But in the end, we had to ask what REALLY makes us different from the other agencies out there? And for that we turned to our customers. In the end what made us different is our uniqueness and ability to push the boundaries of creativity (but only when the project allows and demands for it). So our goal became clear. And we went for it. We decided to create a website that showcased that specific unique creativity we have here at Moxie as well as one that wasn?t like anyone else?s in the industry. Because who wants to wear the same shoes to the ball? Not us anyway.

I admit, when we decided to go the route we did with our web site, we were also taking a chance. In the web world many now shy away from flash in their websites and are going strictly simplistic and functional, which we agree work very well for businesses if that portrays the company?s brand and accomplishes the marketing goals for that company. However as a creative company, our goal was ultimately to express the level of creativity that encompasses who we are, not what everyone else is doing. So with that, we decided once again to swim upstream and create a website that incorporates flash in a very fun intro page (should you have some time to play), while being SEO friendly, functional and communicative. Whew! And that is what we have done.

So at long last we present to you Moxie?s new website. A web site that finally reflects who we are! A web site that is a combination of our unique creativity, while being functional and giving you information about who we are and what we can do for you and your company.

As you review our site, please know that much of our success is in the details, so we have tried to incorporate as many throughout our site as possible. Please make sure to look around. This is a site where you will continue to discover new and exciting surprises about us and our website at every turn and throughout the year?so make sure to stop in again and again and again!

So with no further adieu?go ahead and try on our new ?pair of shoes?! And let us know what you think of our new Moxie Creative Studio website. Did we achieve our goal?  What do you think of our new website? We?d love to hear from you!!!