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About Moxie Creative Studio

Moxie Creative Studio is a creative design studio located in Wausau, WI…headed by Robin Patrick, a highly creative and experienced freelance designer who teams up with experienced technical and marketing strategic partners striving to make a difference in this world – one client?one creative project?at a time.

Our adorable office mascot, Bonzai!


Turned off by the reputation created by typical advertising agencies, Moxie was built on the desire to be different. We swim upstream in our industry and provide creative print and web design for companies. Moxie prefers working side-by-side with clients, not against them or ten feet in front of them. Listening to them (not talking at them). Working with their budgets (not throwing their budgets out the window). Taking away the middle person, allowing customers to talk directly with our creative team (if you can imagine that!). And most importantly, using our passion, experience and creative talents to make our customers stand out, rather than toot our own horn.

Moxie Creative Studio began in 1999, shortly after founder, Robin Patrick, moved to Wausau, WI. Robin moved from Atlanta, GA, where she worked internationally with Philips Magnavox and helped set up their US Design department. With a newborn baby on her hip and a mission in her heart (and very little sleep), Robin was determined to build a creative graphic design business in Central Wisconsin. A business that would not only provide the best possible creative marketing solutions possible, but also one that was different than the others. An creative studio based on caring for our customers; working around their needs and creating marketing projects that help them succeed, while doing everything possible to work within their budgets.

Bonzai’s trusty sidekick (but don’t tell him that), Buster!


Are you thinking this sounds a little idealistic for an creative design studio? Well, maybe it is. But don?t tell Robin that, it?s her dream. And for anyone who knows Robin, knows she lives by the motto ?Anything is possible if you put your heart into it? (which is why she has also recorded 3 music CDs and is continuing to write movie scripts that will one day? well, let?s just say stay tuned as that dream is still in progress!).

In the mean time, if you are interested in teaming up with one very hard working, creative designer at Moxie Creative Studio and her team of talented strategic partners for your next creative project, please give us a call or send us an email. We?d love to hear from you!