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The Redesign for the Designer

Posted on September 3, 2010

? Post written by Cristy Wiza.


?That is EXACTLY what I was looking for!?

As a company that creates a lot of design pieces for our clients, this is a phrase we at Moxie love to hear. Or rather, we love to hear any variation of this phrase that means the client is happy with what we created specifically for them. And since we?ve been around for? a while, we usually have a pretty good sense of what will make our clients happy.

Except when WE are the client.

Let me explain. As designers, we have an arsenal of creative concepts and ideas just floating around in our brains, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wow our clients with ?EXACTLY what [they are] looking for!? And for those times where it?s an especially creative or unique project, we have our hidden resources to inspire and entice the super extra creative juices (eww!) right out of us. In short, one way or another, we will deliver.

However, the catch 22 of design is that, as designers, we have so MANY amazing ideas just bouncing around in our heads that to focus on just ONE for ourselves is? well, a challenge. It?s more of an epic brain-battle of ?we could do this? or THIS? OR THISSSS!!!? and it ends up being a round-robin of creative brainstorming with no final product. It doesn?t help that we?re also an office of perfectionists and the idea of settling on a design that is great (but not perfect) is just not an option.

So the brain-battle continues. The meshing of what our company does, who we are as a team and what we will provide for our clients into a super/awesome/amazing unique/bold/organic/strong logo/website/business card/image.

Sure. Yeah. No problem. I?ll have it to you by end of the week.

It only represents everything we are as Moxie.

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